Eco-sustainable Farmhouse

Podere Costarella is an Eco-sustainable Farmhouse. Starting to manage the structure with this philosophy was a natural choice, inspired by the search for a lifestyle in contact with the territory and the farm itself.


We are located inside the beautiful state forest La Selva. We decided to let ourselves be guided by the nature that surrounds us, respecting it, accompanying our guests to discover it slowly, smelling the spontaneous flowers, listening to the silence of the forest interrupted only by the slight crunch of the steps and the chirping, enjoying the view of the hills of Tuscany.


We live this place making Sustainability a lifestyle, using clean energy, avoiding pesticides and producing organic oil, making Hospitality a beautiful way to share all this.

Respect for the Territory and Sustainability

We live at Podere Costarella respecting the environment and the rhythms of the earth. It is a daily commitment, which translates into a conscious lifestyle.


We collect water and recover it and meet our energy needs thanks to solar panels.

In the colder seasons we let nature, in the simplest way, provide us with its warmth, heating our rooms with wood heating. In summer, protected from the cool of the forest, we do not need air conditioning. We do not use chemical pesticides, neither in the soil around the farm nor in our olive grove.

Experience the Tuscan Countryside

Living the Countryside means listening to it, understanding it.

It means letting it enter into us, taking the time to recover its rhythms, to re-learn to breathe its wide spaces.

That's why we advise our guests to stay with us for at least a week: give yourself time to allow nature to bring you calm, to understand what its silences I want to tell you. Give yourself the opportunity to appreciate a walk in the forest and discover how it can become a journey to rediscover simplicity and serenity, in contact with the earth.


water recovery


solar panels


wood heating


care of the olive trees

Social Sustainability

Loving the territory also means understanding the importance of developing a network with those who live it. Educate yourself to sharing, respect, understand that with the help of the other it is possible to build a sustainable lifestyle and create value.

Philosophy and Hospitality

When we moved to Podere Costarella, we made a conscious choice. What we wanted was sharing, understood as a lifestyle.

Sharing the farm with other people, so that they could appreciate and live its daily life and peace. Sharing as a collaboration with those who live around us, to discover a more social and serene way to live our territory and build magnificent experiences.

Today what we love most is to accompany our guests to discover the beauty that surrounds us and live the farm as a family.

Our History

Our history at Podere Costarella begins in January 2000. The farm had been abandoned in 1961 and over the years had served as a shelter for farm animals, mules and horses, and the agricultural part had been completely left to itself.

After 4 years of restoration, in the summer of 2004 we finally brought back to its authentic beauty this typical Tuscan structure and the verdant environment that surrounds it, completing the first two apartments Pergola and Loggiato Belforte and thus opening the Agriturismo. Then came the Loggiato Cornocchia and the restaurant. Finally, in 2010, the Terrazzino Apartment was completed.

You can't avoid spending a single day without impacting the world around you. Your actions can make a difference and therefore you need to decide what kind of difference you want to make. - Jane Goodall


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