Living at Podere Costarella we understood how important it is to network with those who, like us, live and love this territory, and grow all together. Social sustainability means this: educating oneself to share, to respect, to understand that with the help of the other it is possible to build a sustainable lifestyle and create value for all.

There is an inestimable richness in the sense of commonality and in the experiences that arise from the sharing of what one has and produces, of resources, of smiles. A dense network that builds solid foundations for a more equitable society, which we realize, every day, in everyday life.

Local producers who love their land and are committed to bringing to the table of their guests genuine products and artisans who take care of their work with passion, with particular attention to the total environmental and energy sustainability of their work.

That's who is part of our wonderful social network.

Beekeeping: the honey of San Carlo

Claudio Palmi together with his wife Sandra Mugnaini live in a farmhouse about 2 km away from Podere Costarella. As a hobby and passion they own various types of animals: chickens, goats, horses and bees. Even if they do not have the organic certificate, their honey is one hundred percent natural, in fact it derives only from spontaneous blooms, and around them extends forest as far as the eye can see.

Organic Wine and Oil of Podere la Fonte

At Podere la Fonte they cultivate vines and olive trees with the organic method. They are registered with ICEA for certification as a Marco Garosi farm. In the small cellar of the farm they produce organic IGT wine, white and red. Olive oil, wine, grappa and seasonal products from the vegetable garden and orchard are on sale directly at the farm which is a seven-minute walk from Radicondoli in the direction of Castelnuovo Val di Cecina.

Horseback Riding: Scuderia Tegoni

The Fattoria e Scuderia di Tegoni is the ideal place to discover the wonderful Tuscan countryside on horseback and taste genuine local products.

It is possible to receive riding lessons in riding stables, go for walks, trekking with picnic or carriage tours, activities suitable for the whole family.

On the farm you will find organic olive oil and fine cured meats of their Cinta Senese pigs.

Laboratory of High Temperature Ceramics (stoneware, porcelain and paperclay)

Clara Manieri, teacher and ceramist for passion, creates her dreams through the earth, the colors and shapes of nature, shaping clays exclusively by hand. For the various cooking uses an electric oven at high temperature (1260 ° -1300 ° c) powered by energy supplied by two photovoltaic systems using renewable energy. For those wishing to discover the magic of this ancient art, it offers workshops dedicated both to the construction of forms with the oldest techniques (pizzicato, colombino, slab and casting) and to decoration and various methods of glazing.

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